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We are a Boutique Fintech Advisory firm enabling Financial Accessibility By: .

Our big transformative purpose

To end Global Poverty through greater financial access.  We do this by enabling the Fintech Ecosystem

We work on the belief that financial accessibility (rather financial inclusion) is one route to global prosperity.  Besides making an impact it also offers old and new financial services players, untapped  commercial opportunities.

We partner with Fintech start-ups and scale-ups, traditional financial services firms, regulators, impact investors and accelerators, globally, enabling them to drive financial access and inclusion.  We bring about transformative and meaningful change  through joint implementation initiatives, advisory work, market studies, workshops, a scale-up programme, talks and education that drives action.  

How Can You Play Your Part?

Follow a customised journey through our website to discover how you can play your part, and how we can partner for change.  

We are a purpose driven start-up, thinking of launching or have just launched, and we’d like information on how to set up for success 

We are an existing Fintech business looking to optimise  and preparing high growth, so we can make real impact in finance

We are traditional bank, insurer, wealth manager or payment firm, looking to make an impact through digital transformation

We are a Central Bank or Regulator, looking for ways to open our markets to new innovators who can drive financial accessibility 

We are an impact investor promoting financial inclusion & access. We are looking for new opportunities and growth support

We are an independent or corporate accelerator (or incubator) looking for proven ways to help our Fintech firms to make an impact

Visionary Clients

What Our Clients Say?

We just couldn't have launched this venture without Vedanvi. They built our business with t he same devotion and attention to detail as if it were their own business. Without them, it would have taken us more than 3 years to get to where they got us to in just 11 months.
They had a wide knowledge about the topic of digital transformation and extensive proven experience to implement it in a unique way, ensuring strategic objectives are met and ROI achieved.
I was really excited bu the fresh approach that Vedanvi brought. They showed us how regulation and compliance can really give competitive advantage to a new and innovative financial services firm.

let's partner for change

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