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Making a Difference

Our BIG PURPOSE is to end global poverty and contribute to worldwide prosperity.  We achieve our purpose by enabling financial inclusion and accessibility globally. 

We empower Fintech businesses to scale-up, digitally transforming incumbents, and collaboratively building enabling ecosystems of investors, accelerators and regulators, to drive meaningful and disruptive change in the world of financial services. 

We are Driven By

Our Beliefs

Global Prosperity

1. No Poverty - Anyone or any business in any country can be prosperous given a conducive environment in which they can succeed and thrive. Access to finance is vital for posperity.

Financial Accessibility

Financial access, rather than just financial inclusion is one route (of many) that can end global poverty and drive prosperity. Financial Accessibility broadens the impact, whilst financial inclusion only targets a few.

Commercial opportunity

Financial accessibility and financial inclusion offers commercial opportunities to progressive financial services firms, because they open new market opportunities and avoid scarcity led competition.

We can make a difference

We believe that by helping Fintech newcomers and progressive incumbents develop new markets and new ventures, we can contribute to financial accessibility that drives global prosperity. We also believe that the entire ecosystem has to work for Fintech led change to take place.

Our Purpose & Mission

The name of our firm “Vedanvi” is unusual, right? From day one we set out to be unconventional. Vedanvi is derived from the word “VEDA”, which is said to encapsulate how the universe works.  It symbolises wisdom, knowledge and striving for a higher purpose.  We are driven by the same philosophy.

Our mission is to:
Values we live by:
Let's make change happen

Why Partner With Us

Getting you results

We are driven by outcomes. After all, if we help you succeed, we are achieving our higher purpose. We do whatever it takes to get you the results we promise.

Unique Insights

We'll often bring a completely different perspective that you may not have thought about, and help you break through barriers. Even just a 10 minute phone conversation can help you acheive a breakthrough.

Emerging Market Experience

We know that Fintech can have the biggest impact in emerging markets. We have extensive experience working in Africa, Middle East and South Est EUrope

Experience Across ecosystem

Lets face it, Fintech can't succeed if some parts of the ecosystem are not working effectively. We have experience working across the ecosystem from Fintech start-ups, to incumbents, regulators, investors and accelerators. We bring breadth and depth of experience.

Growth Driven

Fintech ventures only makes a truly meaningful different when they scale and can affect more lives. We have developed a unique scale programme to help Fintech ventures grow in a systematic and predictable way.

A Few Words About

Core Team

We take pride in our wide reaching network of associates and partner firms, which allows us to put together the best bespoke team specifically to work on your opportunity or challenge.

Manuel Boger Board Advisor at Vedanvi New

Who we work with

We only partner with purpose driven and forward thinkingfirm in the Fintech ecosystem

Fintech Startups

Entrepreneurs with at least £250k seed funding, who are driven to transform the financial services sector for good.

Fintech Scaleups

Ambitious Fintech firms generating at least £500k annual revenue and looking to scale to new heights.

Traditional Firms

Who are progressive and looking to deploy digital transformation to make a meaningful difference, and gain operational efficiency.

Progressive Regulators

Mainly from emerging markets, who are looking to open their markets to new innovators who are driven to make an impact.

Impact Investors

Who are not only looking for ROI, but also to make a social and economic impact across the globe, enhancing global prosperity.

Pioneering Accelerators

Who are looking to support and build Fintech ventures so that they can make a meaningful contribution to financial accessibility.

Explore Case Studies

We have built up interesting and valuable experience that could benefit you.  Click the link and explore some of the case studies, reflecting our experience.  

Frequently Asked Questions.

We are London based (the epicenter of Fintech), however we are able to work across many parts of the world, either remotely, or flying out there for short durations.  We have experience working in UK, Africa, Middle East and South East Europe thus far.  

To provide you with certainty, we will usually work on a fixed fee basis.  We also work on a fixed monthly retainer basis for larger implementation projects.  Occasionally, we can also work on an hourly basis to give you most flexibility.  

We started life as regulatory consultants, but soon realised that regulation and risk seen in isolation of business goals, don’t really make any impact, especially to financial accessibility.  We now engage with risk and regulation in  the context of growth.

We have a very lean central team comprising two Board members and we are supported by administrative staff as well as outsourced marketing staff. 

Most importantly, we have a vast network of partner firms and associates around the world whom we partner with to serve you. The advantage to you is that we are not limited by our team size and can build you the best bespoke team that is right for you.

Get in touch if you believe we can partner or you wish to be an associate of Vedanvi.

Interested in joining us?

If you believe in our vision and are committed to making a change in finance, then get in touch to explore, how we can work together. We partner with complementary firms, and will often jointly tender or provide services. We also have a constant demand from our clients for Fintech Experts and training providers.

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