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Start and Grow Your Financial Services Business through Innovation u0026amp; Disruption.  We’ll Show you How!


The world of Financial Services is changing FAST.  Once closed to new entrants, technology, new age consumer and, (believe it or not) supportive regulation, is fueling a revolution in financial services never seen before.

If traditional financial services businesses don’t learn to do business in the new way, they will get left behind.  They will rapidly lose their dominant position because they simply can’t meet the needs of this new age consumer or harness the power of technological innovation.

Getting it right, on the other hand, will bring HUGE opportunities for emergent and traditional players, who are willing to adapt.

Change however bring with it new risks.  And of course, regulators have to step in to protect consumers and the wider financial services system.  Regulation is, in our view, the only insurmountable barrier to entry in financial services, if not done correctly.

So we’ve chosen to focus exclusively in this area.   We help innovative Fintech and Alternative Finance Providers (big or small) overcome risk and regulatory barriers.  We also help incumbent players become more customer focused and efficient through Fintech.

How this Site can Help You

We’ve put together valuable content that will stir up new ideas, show you how to overcome challenges and most importantly, help you innovate and disrupt financial services forever.  You’ll find valuable information in our blog, but don’t miss out on our FREE member library, where you will get access to a Fintech course and foundational content on risk and regulation.

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Vedanvi help put compliance on top of our Agenda. Malcolm Piper, CEO, Peerfunding Ltd

Vedanvi showed us how risk and compliance can give competitive advantage to a new financial services firm…..  Daniel Rajkumar, Managing Director of Rebuilding Society

This Site will Empower You

We don’t just provide advice, we aim to empower you.  After all, you want knowledge retained in your business, not walking out the door with consultants you employ.

This site will provide valuable and practical advice and information on

  • how to optimally structure your business around regulation,
  • how to stay on top of and implement regulation,
  • how to identify and manage threats to your business;
  • and most importantly, how to get return on risk and compliance related spend.

Don’t believe us…… then stay tuned.


Our Story


Founder and Managing Director, Jay Tikam started Vedanvi in 2012 after leaving a successful career in banking and insurance, having worked with and advised some of the world’s  largest financial services firms include, Lloyds Bank, HBOS, Nationwide, City Bank, Schroeders, Prudential, Aviva, Aegon, Egg Bank, and the Central Bank in South Africa.

He always had entrepreneurial aspirations and despite reaching great height in the corporate world, Jay felt a calling to pursue an entrepreneurial path.

Armed with a rolodex full of senior level contacts, Jay went about developing business, for his new consultancy, back into the large banks and insurers where he previously made a name for himself.

Easy right!.

Not quite.  What he found was a closed and opaque world not only for suppliers, like Vedanvi, but also for ordinary customers who were unable to access the opportunities open to more sophisticated investors or fundraisers forming part of an elite network.

This is when he started looking for something different and was excited to come across the developments in the alternative finance and fintech world.  He was excited by the opportunities that were opening up to people who were closed out of the traditional financial services sector, and this is when he decided to focus his efforts on enabling such disruptive players, challenging the norm.

Its About You

We are passionate about you.  We aim to go out of our way to help you succeed.  See, we love innovation and disruption in financial services, and that’s why we want to empower you to bring about radical change in this industry and improve the lives of customers that use financial services.

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Lets start with a conversation about anything Fintech or Risk u0026amp; Regulated related…… or anything that’s on your mind.  We may just be able to help.

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