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We are a professional services firm dedicated to helping Entrepreneurs and Corporate Executives build Sustainable u0026amp; Compliant Fintech Propositions

At Vedanvi, we believe that true transformation in financial services is only possible through new ventures, either created by start-ups or intrapreneurial ventures launched by traditional but progressive financial services firms.

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs build innovative financial services propositions that bring about a meaningful change.  We want to inspire you to build the next Amazon, Google or Air BnB in the world of financial services.

We’ve literally helped found an innovative alternative finance entrepreneurial venture, advised new age players on how to get market traction, sat on their board, help raise finance and get regulatory approval. We are also actively involved in helping Fintech firms run and grow their ventures in a way that maximise their market valuation.

Let’s face it, “Vedanvi” is an unusual name.  We based our firm name on the word “Veda”.

Veda are a large body of text originating in India, some 5000 years ago. The word Veda itself means knowledge, and they are known to encapsulate all human knowledge, known and yet to be known. The Vedas are said to reveal how the universe works.

In the spirit of the Vedas, our mission is to:

  • Use wisdom and insight to see beyond the known and help you break boundaries.
  • Help you make a meaningful difference in the world of finance and the lives of your customers.
  • Help you succeed and fulfill your higher purpose.
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Here’s what our Clients say about working with us

When you work with us, you can expect us to:

Always be helpful, even if we don’t eventually win your business

Go out of our way to help you succeed

Bring insights and different thinking – helping you think outside the box

Do what we say we are going to do and try to exceed your expectation

Work with you to help bring about meaningful change in your industry


Who do we Work with?


We work with corporate escapee or serial entrepreneur with at least £250k in seed capital, who want to launch their first or subsequent innovative venture in financial services


We work with pioneering owners and founders of an early stage Fintech or alternative finance business turning over at least £500k revenue per annum and serious about scaling to new heights


We work with incumbent corporates or mid sized financial or non financial services firms, looking to learn more about and respond to Fintech led disruption, or to leverage Fintech for operational efficiency gains and generate a better customer experience.

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Core Team

Jay Tikam

Jay is Founder and CEO of of Vedanvi, with over 20 years experience across retail and investment banking, insurance, asset management.  He varied experience having worked at Director level in financial services as well as a consultant and regulator.  Jay has worked with some of the largest names in financial services including, Lloyds Bank, Egg Bank, HBOS, Schroders, Aviva, Aegon, Prudential and the South African Reserve Bank.  Jay was a senior consultant at Ernst u0026amp; Young and an interim manager for several insurers.

Recognising the transformation needed in financial services led Jay to Launch Vendanvi.  Most recently, Jay co-founded a peer to business lender and won regulatory licensing for several Fintech firms.  He has also served on the Board of several Fintech early stage businesses.

Manuel Boger

Manuel is a Board Advisor and Banking Expert.  He has many years working at senior levels in blue chip financial services firms as well as in consultancy, notably with HSBC and KPMG.  He has breadth of experience across retail, investment banking and asset management across multiple disciplines, including strategy formulation, enhancing customer journey, gaining operational efficiency and crucially, managing risks effectively.  He is now utilising this wealth of knowledge to help bring about transformation in financial services.

We work with partners and our pool of associates to help build a bespoke team around your opportunities u0026amp; challenges

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