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by Supporting purpose driven Fintech newcomers who promote financial accessibility & inclusion

Like all start-ups Fintech firms are prone to failure – in fact more so than non financial services firms.  They need nurturing and support to become significant players who can actually transform the world of finance.

However, accelerators, whether independent or within incumbents, themselves need capacity building so that they provide the right level of support.  We can help. Let us partner to find and build the next Google or Amazon in this sector, this is when true disruption really happens.  
Accelerating Accelerators

This Is What We Do

We support you by initially running a free and valuable workshop for your Fintech members.  The workshop will last for 3 hours, entirely at our cost (all you have to do is provide the venue, drinks and pizza).  We will cover the fundamental knowledge of how to build and scale a financial services business.

After the workshop, we can provide a tailor made scale up programme, based on proven methodology, either for selected Fintech firms or for a chosen cohort.  

We work together to drive measurable returns for your and your investors and shareholders.

Lets organise your free workshop

Get in touch and we can take you through how the free 3 hour scale programme runs.  If you like what you see and believe it will be valuable for your Fintech firms, then we move to design the workshop and plan a date to deliver it.  No obligations whatsever.


Scale Up Programme

Customised, but based on a proven 7 pillar FORTUNE framework that delivers fast scale, in a sustainable and compliant way.

Book a Call

Click the link and book a call when it is convenient for you. We can answer your questions or use this opportunity to help brainstorm ideas. No obligations - we want to see you succeed, regardless of whether you choose to work with us or not.

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