Building a Fintech Venture

Co-founding a Peer to SME Business Lender and launching and gaining traction in record time


Planning and building the Fintech venture from ground up.

Gain Traction

Launching with record success and quickly gaining revenue traction.


Operating the business until it is ready to be handed over to internal staff.

The Fintech Opportunity

Desire to launch in a fast growing Fintech sector

A successful balance sheet lending group, run by a busy serial entrepreneur, wanted to strategically diversify funding sources.  The Group decided to launch a standalone peer to business lending Fintech venture, in a time when the market was already reaching saturation.

With very little knowledge of this new market space, and in a major rush to launch this business, they turned to Vedanvi for help.

How we Build the Venture

Leading the launch and gainng traction

Vedanvi established a joint venture with  the entrepreneur client and using our proprietary “FORTUNE” model we co founded and built this business from ground zero.

We took full responsibility to

  1. develop the strategy and market positioning,
  2. engaging with delivery partners,
  3. acquiring an umbrella regulatory license,
  4. Licensing state of the art technology,
  5. building the infrastructure, systems and processes,
  6. Launching the business, 
  7. Getting traction quickly, 
  8. Operating the business, and 
  9. then transferring it to internally sourced staff.

Huddle Capital was born.

We also took a position on the Board, signing up as an approved person for the regulator, and taking direct responsibility for the business.  We worked closely with the serial entrepreneur ensuring that we understood his vision and embedded it in the strategy and operations of the new peer to business lending venture.

The Results

A Successful Fintech Venture with Revenue in record time

In a crowded market with huge competition and four dominant players, this venture launched and gained traction in just 11 months.  Because of the preparatory work done using our proprietary FORTUNE model, the business managed to acquire over one hundred private investor who signed up onto the platform and invested over £500,000 worth of loans within the first 60 days of launch.


Happy Client

"We just couldn't have launched this venture without Vedanvi. They built our business with the same devotion and attention to detail as if it were their own business. Without them, it would have taken us more than 3 years to get to where they got us to in just 11 months."
Terry Fisher
Co-Founder and former CEO

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