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Compliant Financial Services Marketing Strategies that Gets Results

Customer acquisition is often the biggest challenge (and cost) for innovative alternative financial services firms.  Compliance adds to this challenge because all marketing efforts have to meet complex regulatory requirements.  At Vedanvi, we combine state of the art marketing strategies with regulatory expertise to help your financial services business gain traction and grow rapidly in a compliant way.

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Emerging Financial Services Firms Face Key Marketing Challenges

Innovative financial services firms, bringing new products and services to their market, often struggle to win over customers because they can’t win over their trust or their products are just too unconventional from what their customers are accustomed to.  They try to emulate incumbents by relying on traditional marketing channels to get their message out.  The result – customer acquisition costs go through the roof, with very little conversion success.

Many innovators also lack in-depth understanding of complex compliance requirements associated with financial promotions, especially those that target retail clients.  Regulators can force non compliant marketing campaigns to pull their promotional collateral and products out of the market, resulting in huge wasted costs, let alone the threat of prosecution.

Marketing agencies or internal marketing departments can’t get their heads around compliance and compliance functions tend to be overly cautious.  The end result produce a delayed or failed marketing campaign.

How Vedanvi Can Help

We’re unique because we combine strategy, marketing and regulatory compliance.  No other firm is able to operate at the intersection of these three vital areas.

You can’t ignore either nor can each area work in silos if you want to build a high growth financial services business, fast.  When you work with us, we start by helping you first assess whether you are in the right niche, one that has the highest potential for growth.

We then help you assess whether you are positioned correctly for magnetically attracting your market to you.  Once the right foundation is laid, we help you design and execute a financial services marketing strategy that accelerates your growth trajectory.  Done correctly, you’ll also get the attention of investors and strategic partners who will magically appear on your door, making you attractive business offers

We are able to offer this unique service by combining Vedanvi’s strategic and regulatory expertise with the proven digital marketing expertise of our joint venture partner firm.

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Who Do We Work With?

Vedanvi works with a wide range of business in the financial services space.  However, our clients all share the same characteristics.  They are innovators, trying to transform the financial services industry by bringing something new.  They are ambitious, courageous and want to build a technology based financial services business  or product that scales rapidly.

We have experience working with entrepreneurs before they launch, ensuring they choose the right market with the right positioning.  We also work with ambitious start-ups looking to gain quick market traction to start earning their first revenues.  If you are already an established financial services player, we’ll help you scale to the next level of growth or help you gain traction on your new product.

Our Magnetic Market Force Service Offering

Marketing Audit

learning whats working and whats not

Stop spending on marketing and sales that doesn’t work.  We’ll help you learn what’s working and what’s not, fast.

Market Positioning u0026amp; Strategy

build the foundation for success

We’ll help you position your business to attract your market like a magnet.  We then help you develop a strategy to execute.

Compliant Website Development

build the platform to attract u0026amp; convert

We will help you develop a modern responsive website that is compliant and converts visitors into customers.

Compliant Financial Promotions


We’ll help you develop the right promotional messages that attracts your market, maximise ROI and keep Compliance happy.

Search Engine Optimisation

attract your market cost effectively

We help you organically rank your website so that your customers find you instead of your competitors.

Pay per Click Management

get fast market traction with ROI

With PPC, we’ll help your website gain visibility fast.  We’ll help you manage costs and maximise return on advertising investment.

Compliant Content Marketing

engage your customer through education

Develop engaging multimedia content that attracts and engage your customers and get it in front of the right customers.

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

leverage the best talent u0026amp; experience

An effective CMO can propel your business to new heights.  Can’t justify an FTE, we will find you a highly experienced Interim CMO.

Compliant Marketing Training

Empower your staff to help you scale

Through in house and online training, we’ll empower your team with latest marketing strategies and compliance requirements.

How Magnetic Market Force Service Offering Works?

We start out with a free no obligation consultation by phone, video conferencing or an in person meeting.  We get to know you, your business, your goals and your specific questions.  You learn more about how we can help.  However, in many cases, we’ve found that potential customers taking advantage of this free consultation walk away with some quick win ideas they can implement in their business right away and already start to see results.

If you decide to partner with us, then the fist step is a comprehensive audit of your market positioning, marketing strategy, your team capability and your online as well as offline performance compared with your competitors.  We also understand how you factor compliance into your day to day marketing.

The audit will help us develop a comprehensive and actionable marketing plan that help you achieve your goals.  As part of the planning process, we will help you develop vital key performance indicators to help you track performance and allow fine tuning.

We can either train you and your team to execute the plan, work in partnership with you to achieve the desired results or take full responsibility for delivering your desired commercial goals.

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