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Fintech Ventures Fail because they Fail to get Traction, Overlook Compliance or Don’t Spot Hidden Risks

This free consultation will help you spot quick wins that you may have been struggling with, in some cases, without actually realising what hasn’t been working. If you launching, we’ll help you fine tune your strategy and give you some regulatory direction and risks to be mindful of.  If you are established, we’ll help you tweak your proposition to help you scale fast.

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How does it work?

Tell us a bit more about your business or business ideas (if you are still in the launch phase).  This will help us understand your business model, current opportunities and challenges.  You’ll then be directed to book a meeting with one of our senior team members at a time that is convenient to you.

Depending on your chosen preference, we’ll either call you or jump on a video call.  The call will last up to an hour and we’ll address the most pressing questions you have or help you find quick solutions to a pressing issue you may be facing.  After the call, we’ll send you a one page actionable plan based on our discussion.  We’ll also discuss how best we can work with you.

This service is offered completely free of charge and without any obligation.

Examples of the Benefits that Others got out of this Free Consultation

  • A second opinion on the viability of your product idea or business model or help structuring your business model
  • New ways in which your product or business can be structured better, from a commercial and regulatory perspective
  • Regulator considerations, including the type of license you may need
  • Introductions to technology providers, solicitors and other experts
  • A quick view on your website, showing you how it could attract and convert more leads
  • More established businesses got ideas on how to establish schemes (like accelerators) to attract Fintech innovators

Request your FREE Consultation Now

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