Launching a Fintech Venture – Things to Consider

Are you looking to launch your first Fintech Venture?

Leave the corporate world to launch your first business? Have you just been presented with an exciting career opportunity to launch an intrapreneurial Fintech venture for your organisation?  Are you a serial entrepreneur looking to start your next venture in financial services? Are you an overseas firm, looking to set up your financial services venture in the UK?

The good news is that its now easy to launch a financial services business with a relatively low budget and the right know how.

The bad news that its never going to be easy to launch a business in one of the most highly regulated industry.  Its even harder, if you are venturing on your own, leaving the comfort of the corporate world.

Ensure you start your venture on a firm foundation by exploring the information and links on this page.  It may just help you avoid costly mistakes!

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New to Fintech?

Fintech evolves rapidly and its hard to make sense of it.  Click on the link to learn more about Fintech and get your questions answered.

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Take the free course and learn if Fintech is viable, what business model you should pursue, will you need to be regulated and how to launch.

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Need a License?

Applying for a regulatory license can be a complex and daunting process.  Access out library of information to help you prepare for success.

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