Leave a Legacy and Build a Fintech Fortune

Change the world – Challenge the markets – Beat the system

The financial system needs massive change. The monopoly on the global flow of money held by monolithic institutions makes us all vulnerable. Two billion people around the world aren’t even included (currently unbanked) and those that are, you will often find they aren’t getting the best deal from their financial service provider. Not only are we, as a population, left in precarious states such as global debt bubbles leading to huge crashes, but on a more individual level there is genuine room for more customer engagement and a better customer journey.

It’s now possible to wrestle back control from institutions that are ‘too big to fail’ and build a Fintech fortune of your own. You don’t need Fight Club character Tyler Durden to bring an army and wreak havoc.  Technology and an innovative approach can now let individuals like you establish a financial services business that won’t bring down the big players, but will at least create some level of competition for them. With insight however, you can truly disrupt this stale market by creating something new – something that didn’t exist before. You can tap into previously untapped markets like, for example, the 2 billion unbanked or a small segment of the population that can’t get an insurance policy or have access to an investment manager.  It all starts with an awareness of the disruptive forces in financial services and knowledge about Fintech.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. With today’s technology, it’s more than possible for you to be that change. Make a meaningful difference in the world. Our vision is to help create enough new age and disruptive financial services players that we can contribute towards a more stable financial services system and one that promotes global prosperity.  In the process, these pioneering businesses also build a Fintech fortune for themselves.  It is our hope that one day, Vedanvi will directly contribute to building the next Airn BnB, Uber, Amazon or Google of the financial services world All this starts with your idea in Fintech.

Personal Development in Financial Services

If we asked you to reflect on your current position, not just your job title and pay check, but include your family life and self-actualisation, how happy are you? Even if you’re in a senior level in a bank, are you really satisfied? What legacy are you leaving behind? You can do something that will make your children and your family truly proud of what you’re doing.

Investing in yourself is the key to a prosperous life. If you’re an employee and don’t want to leave your current job, learn about Fintech and the Intrapreneurial route into the tech service world. Learning is about the accumulation of knowledge and we have one of the most expansive resource pools available for you to explore.

Challenge Yourself to Grow

Draw two circles side by side, one smaller and one decidedly bigger than the other. The small circle represents your comfort zone. The larger circle represents development, growth, fun and adventure. This, ultimately, is where all the good stuff sits. It’s not for everyone.

Reignite the burning passion you had when you first started your job, when the drive to achieve and succeed was at the forefront of your thoughts. How good did it feel when you first found out you got that investment job in the city? Look at your life today – is it just as exciting or are you often catching yourself wanting to catch a nap? If you’re just another cog in the wheel, you’ll notice the same old place, same old people, same old politics and same old problems.

Make History or be Part of It

Even if you never thought it possible for you to start your Fintech venture or invest in one, we can easily be your guide. Most people fail because they never even think of picking up the phone. Winners have failed far more than losers have even tried. Why not bounce your ideas off someone who is experienced in the sector and will be able to guide your ambitions and aspirations to become a fully self-actualising individual in the Fintech or Investing world.

Taking the first step in proving to yourself that you can build something great is as simple as booking a meeting. It’s not going to cost you anything, apart from taking you down the rabbit hole by showing you what’s possible on the other side of your job.

Fulfil your entrepreneurial dreams, leave your own legacy and build a Fintech fortune. Click here to access an introductory course to Fintech – it’s free.

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