Operational Excellence in Financial Services

Helping You Delight Your Customers and Improve Company Performance

Leading Fintech and financial services firms go out of their way to deliver on their promise to their customers, give them a great user experience and ensure that the firm runs smoothly, efficiently and profitably.  We can help.

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Operational Back End Not Keeping Up with Marketing Drive

Financial services innovators and disruptors move fast, trying to keep up with the fast pace of change in their market.  They bring new thinking, products and services that truly benefit their customers, and as a result, they become popular, attracting attention from hungry customers looking for something new and different.

However, resources and attention span is limited in the early days, and the firm focuses heavily on stakeholder engagement, marketing and sales, sometimes at the expense of operational robustness.  The result is that mistakes escalate, customer complaints rise, and losses escalate, eating into profits.  Leave this situation long enough, and customers quickly defect to competitors, threatening the sustainability of an early stage financial services business.  Revenue starts to fall and the business becomes less attractive to investors and potential acquirers.

We can help strengthen the operational back end, so that you deliver on your customer promise, maximise profit, get ready  to scale, and enhance company valuation.

How Vedanvi Can Help

We’ll help you build a strong operational foundation that help your business operate efficiently, profitably and one that can scale.  We’l also free you up to focus on revenue generation.

The process starts with a free consultation.  We get to know each other and hopefully we can provide quick win ideas that can bring immediate results. If we decide to work together, the process starts with an in-depth assessment of your operations.  We’ll tell you what’s working well and what needs fixing, as well as make recommendation in a performance improvement plan.

We can then work together to implement the plan, or you decide to run with it and have us coaching and advising from the side-lines.

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Our Operational Excellence Service Offering

Process Audit

discover hidden business killers

Stop spending on marketing and sales that doesn’t work.  We’ll help you learn what’s working and what’s not, fast.

Process Architectural Design

build  operational excellence

We’ll help you position your business to attract your market like a magnet.  We then help you develop a strategy to execute.

Key Performance Indicators

measure for continuous improvement

We will help you develop a modern responsive website that is compliant and converts visitors into customers.

Sourcing u0026amp; Vendor Management

partner with the best for succeSs

We’ll help you develop the right promotional messages that attracts your market, maximise ROI and keep Compliance happy.

Programme Management

just get it done fast

We help you organically rank your website so that your customers find you instead of your competitors.

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