Our Purpose

No Poverty, Global Prosperity

Money in the financial system is like blood in the human body.  Wherever it flows, it brings prosperity, vitality, good health and abundance.  However, wherever it doesn’t flow, it brings ill health, poverty, disease and death.  The heart perfectly distributes the exact amount of blood needed by every part of the body with perfect timing.  Unlike the human body, however, the financial system has failed to evenly channel money where it is needed.  The result, huge income inequality, leading to poverty and associated hardships.

We support The Global Goals for sustainable development and want to play our part in addressing the number one goal of “No Poverty”.  Like the human body, the financial system is one pathway to global prosperity.  It however needs to be reshaped to ensure even distribution of money, the lifeblood of any economy.

We believe that Fintech has brought new age financial services entrepreneurs, who not only strive for profit, but are massively driven by a bigger purpose.  We are on a mission to help such Fintech ventures scale such that they become the Google or Amazon of the financial services sector, and thus have the power and means to truly make a meaningful difference in eradicating global poverty.  

Strengthening the Ecosystem

Fintech led meaningful  transformation cannot succeed without the entire ecosystem working in a coordinated way. 

For example, Fintech entrepreneurs cannot launch with regulators opening their markets to innovative ideas.  Even if regulators open markets, Fintech products or new ventures cannot succeed with the financial support of investors or the technical support from accelerators.

We are therefore committed to supporting all players in the financial ecosystem to bring about true transformational change in the world of finance. We support:

Achieving our purpose by supporting you

We can make a much bigger impact in the world by helping you succeed and achieve your higher purpose.

We considered launching our own financial services firm.  If we pursued that mission, we would would have been able to drive financial accessibility for only a few.  We would have also had limitations on influencing the players across the spectrum of the Fintech ecosystem.

We have therefore taken the conscious decision to achieve our purpose through your success.  If you are truly committed to financial accessibility and are driven by an ambition to succeed, then we are confident that we can partner to bring about the much needed transformation in the unequal world of finance.

Regardless of where you are in the world, or which part of the ecosystem you are working in, if you resonate with  our purpose and need support, then please reach out and let us explore how we can work together for change.

Get in touch

Let’s partner for truly meaningful change in finance.  We are committed to your success and helping you achieve your higher purpose.

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