Whitepaper Regtech Insights for the Boardroom

How Technology can Help to Overcome Regulatory Costs and Challenges in a Commercial Way

Are you a senior manager in an incumbent financial services organisation?

Then you and your Board are probably getting a little anxious about the disruption happening in your industry.

Fintech certainly brings disruption. However it also opens up huge opportunities for incumbents like you.

You can disrupt your own market and take larger market share whilst your competitors resist the Fintech revolution.  Alternatively, you can use Fintech to enhance operational efficiency and deliver a better customer experience.

However, it all starts with acquiring a deep knowledge about Fintech, understanding the landscape and working out the best strategy to deploy to leverage the power of Fintech.

Regtech is a fantastic example of how Fintech can be used to enhance an incumbent’s operational efficiency.  This is an innovation involving the use of technology to significantly reduce the high costs of compliance by as much as 50%

There are many Regtech solutions presented to the Boardroom.  But how does the Board assess which is the right solution for their business?

Is it Blockchain?  Is it Artificial Intelligence? Or maybe Machine Learning using a well crafted Ontology.

Regtech for the Boardroom is a guide for the executive.  Download this white paper to help guide the Boardroom through the complex world of  Regtech .

Stay tuned, we’ll also send you other useful information on a regular basis, so that you stay in touch with Fintech developments.

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