With these FREE Regulated Fintech Advisory Resources you can successfully navigate the start-up process, because the changes in financial services are even bigger to deal with.   Banks, insurers, investment managers and any other types of financial services firms are facing bold disruption, by start-ups and global multinationals alike.

Technology led financial services (or Fintech) is growing exponentially, because barriers to entry are breaking down fast.

The only exception is regulation!  After all Fintech operates in a highly regulated market segment.  Done in the wrong way, regulation can severely delay a Fintech launch, increase cost, and can even expose you to regulatory censure.

Being armed with comprehensive knowledge and proper planning will help to ensure that you launch your Fintech venture in the right way.

  • Bill Gates
    This is a fantastic time to be entering the business world, because business is going to change more in the next 10 years than it has in the last 50
    Bill Gates

Regulated Fintech Advisory Resources

Regulated Fintech: How to get Started in the Right Way

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What You Will Learn from our Fintech Advisory Resource Library:

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  • Module 1: Is Fintech Viable?

    Learn how fast this market is growing and whether its right for you

    Lesson 1: Validating the Fintech Business Opportunity

  • Module 3: How you can Launch Quickly?

    Learn practical step-by-step strategy for fast market entry into Fintech, even if you choose a regulated business model with these Fintech Advisory Resources.

    Lesson 3: Step to a Successful Launch

  • Module 2: Which Fintech Business Model is Right for You?

    Get some unique Fintech business ideas and decide on which model is right for you

    Lesson 2: Exploring Fintech Business Models

    Lesson 2a: Savings & Lending Business Business Models

    Lesson 2b: Capital Raising Business Models

    Lesson 2c: Payments Business Models

    Lesson 2d: Insurance Business Models

    Lesson 2e: Investment Management Models

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