Risk and Regulatory Consulting for Fintech

Risk and Regulatory Consulting

Disruption and Innovation is Rapidly Changing the World of Financial Services 

At Vedanvi, we’re on a mission to provide risk and regulatory consulting to entrepreneurial financial services start-ups and incumbent banks, insurers and asset managers, how to execute disruptive change management strategies.

Regulation is at the heart of financial services, and this is our starting point, however, we have advised clients on wider strategic issues beyond the regulatory landscape.

The biggest advantage of working with Vedanvi is that you benefit from our deep experience at the intersection of traditional and disruptive finance.  We have worked at each end of the spectrum.

You also benefit from our commercial approach coupled with in-depth understanding of regulatory hurdles.  What this means for you is that we can bring deep insight into how you can best work within the constraints of regulation, while achieving breakthrough innovation and explosive commercial growth.

Risk and Regulatory Consulting

Here are just some ways in which we can help you:

Traditional Financial Services Players

  • Conduct Fintech workshops – to educate your Board and teams about the Fintech revolution and how you can harness it.
  • Feasibility assessment – help you assess the viability of a Fintech venture as a complementary strategy.
  • Strategic Development – to help develop a unique strategy, once you decide to venture into Fintech.
  • Lead Fintech planning engagement – to help you operationalise the people, process and technology to implement the Fintech strategy.
  • Regulatory Approval – to help get your FIntech venture off the ground.
  • Risk Strategy u0026amp; Framework – to help you control risks and enhance revenues.


Emergent Financial Services Entrepreneurs

  • Strategy Planning – to help you devise a strategy for fast market entry and rapid growth
  • Operationising the Strategy– working with you side by side to get your venture off the ground
  • Systems and Controls – helping you develop the necessary systems and processes in place to manage risks and meet compliance requirements.
  • Board development – we can help you source Board members and develop them to support your ambitions to grow rapidly.
  • Regulatory approval – to get your regulated venture off the ground.
  • Project Management – let us run with your project and free you up to focus on your business.
  • Managed Services – helping you run day to day operational processes.


Risk and Regulatory Consulting – Getting Started is Easy

We’ll set up a call to better understand your needs and challenges, and figure out how we might be able to help you.   Once we are clear about your needs or challenges, we will put together a customised proposal based on your specific needs and budget.

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