If you’re thinking of Starting a Business in 2018, then Read This!

Starting a business in 2018?  Just thinking of starting one?

I’ll show you why you absolutely have to consider launching a financial services venture, if a startup is on the horizon.

Have you ever thought about starting a financial services business, but thought it was too overwhelming?

Do you fear the complex regulatory environment? You think you need a huge amount of capital to get started in this industry? You believe that its almost impossible to win against big banks, insurers and wealth managers?

The simple answer is that today, you can start a technology enabled financial services business (also known as Fintech) relatively quickly and without the prohibitively huge funding pot that you think you might need.

Regulation will actually help rather than hinder your launch and there is a vibrant ecosystem wanting desperately for you to succeed.

You’ve heard of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, or peer to peer lending and crowdfunding. These are all new and disruptive business models started by ordinary people just like you and me. Some have gone on to make a fortune. So can you. Its now possible for ordinary folks just like you and I to start a business in this sector.

Financial services is undergoing a revolutionary change. There has never been a better time to start a business in this sector, because people want change.

Recently, we helped a client launch an online lending business. We managed to help them get from zero to a fully up and running business with 100+ customers investing in loans totalling £500k, within 11 months from start. Total spend on launching the business came in at just under £200,000. ( You should bear in mind that these are the kind of figures you should be thinking about if you are seriously considering taking this step.)

We also had a few clients who we helped get their regulatory license, and they aren’t doing as well.

We reflected on the success of some of our clients and pondered why others fail. We carried out whole lot of research on successful Unicorns (private companies valued above $1 billion) in the Financial services space. The research has helped us understand the causes of success and failure, and has enabled us to develop a model for mapping out success.

We’ve put together a webinar to reveal our findings and help you understand what it takes to build a successful Fintech venture, going through the exact steps that we used to help our client go from just thinking about starting a financial services business to running a high growth venture.

This webinar is totally free and spaces are limited.  It will be held on Tuesday 16th of November at 10:30 BST.  Book your place by clicking here.

We’ll cover more than just how to build a financial services business, in this webinar. Here is what you will walk away with after attending the full webinar:

  • You’ll have a much better understanding of the Fintech and wider financial services ecosystem, orientating around the different business models and important stakeholders. Imagine, without this guidance, it could take you months (if not years) to get all the information you need to decide whether starting a financial services business is right for you, or figuring out what type of business to start. From experience, many clients take years before getting started, because they don’t have the full picture or can’t decide on which is the best business model for them.
  • You’ll get confirmation and confidence that this is the right industry to start a business in and now is the best time to get involved in financial services, even if this means that you don’t end up starting a business, but benefit in some other way. We’ll show you various ways to profit from the Fintech led revolution in financial services, without starting a business.
  • You’ll get inspiration from case studies showing you how seemingly ordinary people, just like you and me, have gone from launching a shaky venture to growing into a billion dollar valued business in a short space of just 6 years on average.
  • You’ll get a chance to evaluate whether you have what it takes to start a business in financial services, by answering a few fundamental questions. The last thing you want is to spend time, money and effort, just to find out that such a business is not for you. We’ve witnessed many false starts – especially when the “rubber hits the road” and reality of running a financial services business kicks in.
  • We’ll get you to consider how to safely transition into this industry from your successful corporate career or your successful non financial services business (in case you are looking for your next project or expand into the financial services sector). We’ve witnessed fortunes being eroded and careers destroyed without a resilient transitional plan.
  • If you do decide to start a business in financial services, we’ll guide you through 7 proven pillars to build a successful business in this highly regulated industry, including, how to get market traction, deal with complex regulation, and build a business that can scale quickly.
  • If you decide that starting a business is not right for you, you’ll walk away with practical ideas on how to get involved in and profit from the booming Fintech industry.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

At the end of the webinar, you’ll walk away with a high level plan for either starting a financial services business or benefiting from this revolution in other ways.

We are only running one webinar, so book yourself on it right away by clicking this link

http://launchfs2018webinar.subscribemenow.com/ .

If you have co-founders or friends, invite the whole team by sharing this post or the link embedded in it.

I look forward to seeing you inside the webinar.

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