Talent Development for Financial Services

Helping You Build Sales u0026amp; Compliance Capability

Talent is the foundation of a high growth financial services business.  The right talent with the right culture, is the right combination to capture market share from your competitors and scale your business to new heights.

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Fast Growth FS Businesses Struggle with Talent Development

High growth financial services businesses thrive on sales and marketing talent.  Having the right skills on board help gain market share and allow the firm to scale.  However, operating in one of the most highly regulated industries, require that sales and marketing is always complaint.  The firm also has to ensure that high compliance standards are embedded in every staff member and into every process.

There is a war on talent in this rapidly transforming financial services industry.  Its challenging to recruit the right skills and do it fast enough.  Once on board, its challenging to ensure they stay abreast of latest trends in sales and marketing and receive regular training on risk management and compliance.  With so much going on, training and talent development can easily lag behind everything else on the prioity “to do” list.

How Vedanvi Can Help

Vedanvi can help you build capability in three different ways.  We can providing training and coaching to your staff on a regular basis; Through our joint venture partnerships, we can source highly experienced Virtual Chief Compliance Officer, Virtual Chief Risk Officer, Virtual Chief Marketing Officer or other hard to find interim executives; We can also help you develop and implement an intern programme.

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Training u0026amp; Development

Regulatory  Training

all staff compliance aware

Unsure whether all staff understand their compliance responsibility? We’ll help you develop a compliance training plan and deliver online and classroom based training.

Risk Management Training

staff protect the firm and clients

Worried that something’s going to go wrong, bringing the business down?  We’ll help staff learn how to identify, manage and mitigate risks, allowing it the business to scale stress free.

Ethical Sales Training

market and grow in a compliant way

Are you sure that your marketing and sales team are developing ethical and compliant strategies to grow the business?  We’ll teach them how to increase revenue, but in a compliant and ethical way.

FS Business Building Accelerator

Proven strategies to scale

We’ll design a bespoke accelerator specifically designed for your business, using our propitiatory FORTUNE methodology.  Get empowered with a proven formula for business growth.

Business Growth Coaching

working closely with you to grow

Every successful entrepreneur or executive didn’t succeed without the support of a coach or mentor.  We’ll devise a coaching package not just to hold you accountable, but supporting your growth.

Compliance Coaching

supporting executives to comply

Especially for new executives, being burdened with onerous compliance responsibilities can be overwhelming.  We’ll develop a bespoke compliance coaching package for their success.


Virtual C Suite

Virtual Chief Compliance Officer

quickly build executive level capability

It takes time to acquire or grow a CCO. We’ll find you the best interim Compliance Executive and second them to your Board, while you find a permanent hire.

Virtual Chief Risk Officer

Interim CRO provides comfort

Risk Executives are in high demand and expensive. Use a virtual solution providing maximum impact with lower cost.  The interim CRO can work a day or two a week

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

get experience on board to drive growth

An experienced CMO is highly valuable to achieving rapid growth.  Its hard to find the ideal person, especially in financial services.  Rely on an interim while you recruit a permanent solution.

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“Academy to Recruitment” Internship Programme

If you are struggling to recruit experienced team, why not grow your own loyal and culturally aligned team from scratch?  Fast growing Fintech and Financial Services firms struggle to launch and run internship programmes.  Firstly, its hard to find the right person with high potential.  If inherent talent is discovered, management don’t have time to devote to training these people and getting the best out of them.  Firms are forced to rely on recruiting only experienced personnel.  Staff costs soar through the roof, and the experienced person doesn’t always fit culturally or is not loyal and gets poached by the competition.

After spending time with you understanding your business growth aspirations and your culture, we’ll find the right interns with potential to be outstanding regulatory compliance and sales u0026amp; marketing professionals.  You employ them on a paid intern basis.  We support them through a carefully designed intern programme with clear milestone achievements along the way.  At the end of the programme, you can offer a permanent position to a well developed team member that fits well within your culture.

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