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Services for Innovative Incumbents, Disruptive Fintech Businesses u0026amp; Progressive Regulators

Vedanvi services are aimed at helping financial services incumbents and early stage Fintech pioneers benefit from technology led innovation within your sector.

Financial services is transforming at an alarming rate.  As Incumbents, you are leveraging new technology and new business models to deliver a better customer experience, gain operational efficiency and respond to the threat of losing market share to new and nimble Fintech entrants.

As Fintech entrepreneurs, you are pioneering new markets and creating new business models not seen before.  Your ideas, passion and drive benefits consumers and bring about greater financial inclusion.

As Regulators and Central Bankers, you are thinking outside the box to design a regulatory framework that encourage innovation and competition for the benefit of consumers.

But lets face it, launching a Fintech initiative or a new disruptive venture is not without its challenges.

Who do we Work With

We work with a range of financial services clients around the world, including

  • Anyone looking to learn more about innovation in financial services, including topics such as Fintech, Blockchain, Regtech, Insuretech, Wealthtech, AI, Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offerings.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to launch their first or subsequent innovative financial services business
  • Start-ups looking to acquire a regulatory license or gain market traction
  • Incumbents looking to develop their Fintech strategy or acquire innovative businesses
  • Any size financial services businesses looking to acquire more clients and increase revenue
  • Overseas firms looking to establish a Fintech presence in the United kingdom
  • Developing country Central Banks and Regulators looking to develop their Fintech led regulatory strategy.

Our Service Offering

Vedanvi is unique.  We offer a one stop service, combining strategy development, growth consulting, risk management and regulatory compliance.  We will tailor make a unique solution for you, leveraging our expertise and our network of experts associated with our firm.

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Whether you are launching a Blockchain product, a Fintech venture, develop a Fintech strategy for your bank, insurance firm or asset management business, or make an acquisition, we can help.  We’ll help you:

  • Make sense of the market and find the right niche that fits in with your strategy and provide a competitive advantage
  • Develop the optimal regulatory strategy, allowing for early market entry and growth.
  • Design the right strategy and business model, and help you implement it.
  • Review your exiting business and make recommendation for remediation or scale.
  • Prepare your business for funding.
  • Hep you build your product or even your entire business.

New products and startups in financial services find it challenging to get traction, because they need to build trust of their investors and customers.

Traditional marketing works to get exposure and create awareness.  However, conversion only happens after your potential customer or investor feel they can trust you.

We’ll help you build your market’s trust and gain traction, or once established, help you scale to the next level of growth.  Using tools and methodology built in house, based on helping build FIntech ventures, we can help in several ways:

  • Highlight black holes in your business preventing you from getting traction or scaling.
  • Design and develop a growth strategy together with senior management, through a series of workshops and coaching engagements.
  • Help you build a SEO optimised website that generate revenue.
  • Develop digital marketing strategies to dominate your niche, including SEO, Social Media, PPC, and Content Marketing.

With the right strategy and a well executed growth plan, your Fintech or Blockchain venture or digital transformation strategy will scale fast.

However, Fintech is a fast moving market, and your business or product is exposed to new and unplanned risks.  Competitors are ready to take market share, especially in a niche that proves profitable.

You need to nurture your success by anticipating and mitigating any risks before they have a chance to materialise.

In the same way, your client take financial risk when investing with you or buying yoru products and services.  You need systems and controls to identify and manage their risks, or risk losing their trust.

We’ll help you:

  • Develop your risk strategy and risk management plan
  • Advise your Board on how best to discharge their risk management responsibility.
  • Provide access to a highly “Virtual CRO”, especially in the early days when you can’t justify hiring a full time equivalent.  This position will bring credibility for your investors and provide regulators with assurance.
  • Manage operational and credit risks.
  • Managing financial crime and money laundering risks

Financial services is a highly regulated industry, operating in a world of complex regulatory requirements.

Our clients find it extremely challenging to stay abreast of regulatory compliance, whilst trying to build and scale a pioneering Fintech venture.

That’s where we step in to help ease his burden.  Our compliance services include:

  • FCA Authorisation / Licensing (only in UK).
  • FCA and PRA Compliance and Regulatory reporting.
  • Developing a compliance manual and monitoring plan.
  • Developing policies and procedures and helping to embed them in the organisation.
  • Helping approved persons discharge their responsibilities as required by regulation.
  • Client Money Management review and recommendations.
  • Helping prepare you for FCA visits or interviews.
  • Help deal with enforcement.
  • Review and advise on financial promotions.
  • Provide compliance training.
  • Carrying out assurance reviews for the Board.
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